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Receive Orders, Receive Images, Analyze Images, Quantify & Make Measurements, Write Report, Send Finalized Report to EMR, Send De-identified Image and Report Data to the Cloud, Collaborate with Colleagues, Research, Publish a Paper.

Restart with Precession.

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HeartIT makes history again.

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Looking for a
ZFP Universal Viewer?

Why not get it from the company who invented Zero Footprint (ZFP) medical image viewing? With support for multiple modalities including cardiac specialties, users gain access to a patient's entire history within an easy-to-use viewing solution.

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(ACCESS) Advance, Create, Collaborate, Educate, Study, Share

HeartIT has been developing innovative medical image viewing software for more than a decade. We set the standard when it comes to delivering cardiac studies on a zero foot-print (zfp) basis and excel when compared to other zfp viewers. We continue to make advancements by observing and listening to customers then incorporating functionality into our products to enhance their daily clinical activities. With proven stability, scalability, and accessibility, HeartIT products redefine expectations from healthcare IT solutions.