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 HeartIT makes history again.

CloudCMR changes everything. Access De-identified Images on a platform accessible by all of your colleagues and collaborate in real time to review interesting cases.

CloudCMR leverages the latest web technologies enabling users to securely transmit de-identified CMR image and report data from within their organization to a centralized, easily accessible location in the cloud.

Data sent to CloudCMR can be searched, mined for research purposes, or it can simply be shared with other users for collaboration or clinical consultative purposes.

The days of burning and mailing CDs and having to rely on other cumbersome sharing methods are gone. With a few simple mouseclicks, your data is seamlessly de-identified and flows to a secure remote site.

CloudCMR overcomes many of the barriers previously encountered when attempting to share image and report data with colleagues around the world. By implementing sophisticated de-identification steps to all data prior to being transmitted out of an organization, all patient privacy concerns are removed. Access to the data is also made easier by having the images and reports hosted in the cloud on redundant, secure servers.

From consulting with referring physicians, to sharing a study with a colleague to get a second opinion, CloudCMR enhances clinical workflows by making data access easier.
CloudCMR takes research to the next level offering a centralized location where colleagues can collect cases from multiple geographically or politically separated centers. CloudCMR is the optimal platform for categorizing image and report data suitable for interesting cases, training, or even multi-center clinical trials.

Further, CloudCMR offers a comprehensive search tool, enabling users to develop logical and/or conditional searches on every field in the report database. Results from the search include both report data along with a link to the imaging procedure. All information can be exported to an excel spreadsheet for further collaboration or analytics.

CloudCMR is a platform which enables colleagues from around the world to easily collect studies in a centralized location. All data which gets sent to CloudCMR goes through a de-identification process prior to being sent. This ensures that there aren’t any Internal Review Board(IRB) or Patient Health Information (PHI ) concerns.

Further, since everything is de-identified, no additional credentialing or certification is required to use this service.

Both image and report data are stripped of any patient identifiers. Because the data is sent to a secure, remote location, multiple locations can easily access CloudCMR through a simple web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Users of CloudCMR can log in and create labels or categories for studies. These labels can also be treated as Trial names should a user want to organize the data in a clinical trial format. A user can then invite other CloudCMR users to join them in populating groups or trials with image and report data. The multiple CloudCMR users could then log in simultaneously and in real time view cases together, seeing each other interact directly with series.
The possibilities are endless, as the power is in the hands of CloudCMR users.