Collaborate with Colleagues

The days of not being able to review images in real time with colleagues are over. With Heart Imaging Technologies solutions, you can collaborate with virtually anyone regardless of their location.

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Now you can share your screen with multiple colleagues within a WebPAX, Precession, or CloudCMR session. The best part is that the collaboration doesn’t require you to load any additional software or plugins. Simply click on the collaboration button.
Watch a colleague interact with the images and series of a case in real-time.
Invite your referring physicians to review a case with you and deliver more than just a paper report.
Tired of trying to get the video in your conference room to work so you can see the other conference participant’s cases? Maybe you don’t have the CDs for the cases you planned on reviewing. Streamline your conferences by collaborating in WebPAX, Precession and CloudCMR.