High Availability Configuration

Your data is one of the most important assets you own. Medical images and their associated reports are no exception. In order to ensure the availability of this information, it must be properly protected with the correct technology so your physicians will always have access to it.
The High-Availability solutions offered by Heart Imaging Technologies are the highest standard of data protection and continuity. Designed for enterprise level customers who demand the highest degree of data protection and continuity, but available to anyone who wants .

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WebPAX High Availability Solution

Our High-Availability solution provides continuous, uninterrupted access to all medical images by providing two complete WebPAX systems that are always available in case one system fails. Through continuous synchronization, both systems are always up to date and readily accessible by anyone from any location on the globe.
The WebPAX High-Availability solution offers highly redundant architecture. Each system node has hardware redundancy, and all software is redundant across all nodes, providing an even greater measure of safety and protection.
The WebPAX High-Availability solution is constantly monitored by our Operations Group 24×7 ensuring that the system is function properly and that the data is being properly sync’d between the systems as intended. This way, we ensure that your data is always ready and available.
WebPAX High-Availability distributes application tasks only to functional WebPAX nodes. Any problematic node is detected and removed from service, alerting operations staff in the process.