Multi-Center Research

The world just got a little smaller. Now any Principal Investigator(PI) can conduct a multi-center clinical trial and connect sites around the world on an easy to use, centralized platform.

Organizes the Data Collection Process

Our systems don’t just securely transmit the raw DICOM data from the sites to the corelab(s). Any simple ftp service can accomplish that function. Our solutions organize the data for easier management.

Clinical trial sites no longer need to create and label CDs to be shipped to the Core Labs. Instead, they are able to easily upload the image via the web directly to an online solution. The upload process is straightforward and it is as simple as uploading a photograph to your favorite picture sharing application.
Once the image is available through our clinical trial platform, it can easily be viewed through a proprietary Zero Footprint web viewer.

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Clinical Trials Uploads

Perhaps the most important attribute of our solution is that sites require nothing more than a web browser to upload data to the corelab. Further, the site and corelab can view the submitted images simultaneously during a telephone conversation. This means the adjudication process can take place instantaneously, resolving issues such as possible missing images in minutes instead of days. Our solution allows images to be viewed on the Web browser of your choice on a PC or Mac without the need for additional software that can be costly, difficult to maintain and prone to frustrating problems.
Our SaaS Clinical Trials offering controls the DICOM patient ID and scan description tags, meaning the data arrives at the corelab “clean”. By combining electronic image uploading with control of patient tracking numbers, the costs associated with human errors during site-to-corelab data submission are virtually eliminated.
Our Clinical Trails solutions could dramatically improve the quality and reduce the cost of your multicenter clinical trial by integrating access to comprehensive medical image data sets.
The image upload and sharing system has the potential to reduce development costs by increasing the speed, accuracy, and safety of clinical trials on which medical drug/device approval decisions are based. Our solutions can also enhance the ability of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Industry to perform post-market surveillance of previously-approved products.
Some of the studies where our Clinical Trial offerings have improved data collection include:
$37.5M NIH-funded Heart Failure Clinical Research Network – five-year study comprised of hundreds of echocardiography and magnetic resonance imaging scans from more than 50 different academic medical centers.
New sites around the world are beginning to use our Clinical Trials solutions on a daily basis.

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