Multi-Modality Support

Having access to all of a patient’s imaging procedures in a single location increases the efficiency of daily workflows. ¬†Instead of having to pull up the Echo PACS, the Radiology PACS and the Cath PACS, pull up a WebPAX! ¬†Many of our solutions offer support for multiple modalities on a single platform, enabling you to get all of the information you need about a patient quickly and easily.

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All cardiac modalities are supported by our solutions. In fact, your Caths, Echos, MRs, CTs, Nuclear, you name it, can all be accessed on a single, optimized, zero footprint solution. You don’t even have to click a play button to start the heart cines!
All radiology modalities are supported from chest films to multi-slice CTs.
The window/level settings for all modalities have been optimized using proprietary algorithms. This reduces the time required to analyze images as it cuts out the W/L step.