Quantification and Analysis

From arrangements of Stress Perfusion cases to auto calculating LV and RV Volumes, Precession can display results as you view the images and populate report fields to help maximize efficiency and streamline your workflow.

The primary differentiator between our analysis solution and our competitors is the fact that our tools are delivered in a zero footprint manner. That means you aren’t tied down to a specific reading room or computer that has the analysis software installed. Break out of your reading room, with Precession.

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Volume/Mass Analysis

Days of running across the hospital to analyze images in a reading room are over. Now you can perform advanced analysis on CMR imaging procedures on the computer next to you. With automated seed tools, regions of interest, and other measurement capabilities for unlimited licenses you can get accurate data quickly without expending additional costs for user licenses.


ED Volume
ES Volume
Cardiac Output
Myocardial Mass
Stroke Volume
Ejection Fraction

Velocity Encoding