Upload CDs and Outside Exams

Sometimes it’s necessary to import image data from external sources. Say for example, a patient has a prior exam and you’d like to see it for comparison purposes.

Heart Imaging Technologies recognizes this need and offers an easy upload capability for DICOM datasets.

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In head to head competitions at customer sites, our upload process was found to be 50% faster than one of the other leading image sharing solutions. That’s probably the result of providing that functionality for more than a decade and learning what works and what doesn’t work.
We’ve implemented cutting-edge technology to provide client-free, recursive uploading. This stays true to the zero-footprint premise of our software solutions. In case your browser doesn’t support the latest HTML5 capabilities, we can gracefully fallback to a java client to ensure you can still upload your cases.
All data that gets submitted to our solution is kept in an isolated area in order to prevent any kind of MRN conflicts. Only when you log in and assign a MRN to an uploaded scan will it be brought into the rest of the scan population.