• Multi-Center Research

    Multi-Center Research

    The world just got a little smaller. Now any Principal Investigator(PI) can conduct a multi-center clinical trial and connect...

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  • Receive HL7 Orders

    Receive HL7 Orders

    Integrating into an Enterprise Healthcare Environment via an inbound HL7 Orders interface is critical to ensure accurate patient information. ...

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  • Quantification and Analysis

    Quantification and Analysis

    From arrangements of Stress Perfusion cases to auto calculating LV and RV Volumes, Precession can display results as you view...

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  • CMR Reporting

    CMR Reporting

    Our accessible, easy to use CMR reporting solution is there wherever and whenever you need it. Using the same Zero-Footprint...

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  • Collaborate with Colleagues

    Collaborate with Colleagues

    The days of not being able to review images in real time with colleagues are over. With Heart Imaging...

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  • Transmit Reports to EMR via HL7

    Transmit Reports to EMR via HL7

    There are a number of benefits achieved when reports are transmitted to EMR solutions via HL7 messaging. These not...

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  • Multi-Modality Support

    Multi-Modality Support

    Having access to all of a patient's imaging procedures in a single location increases the efficiency of daily workflows. ...

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  • ZFP Web Image Viewer

    ZFP Web Image Viewer

    All products offered by Heart Imaging Technologies provide a Zero Footprint (ZFP) Web Viewer to seamlessly display medical images. ...

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  • High Availability Configuration

    High Availability Configuration

    Your data is one of the most important assets you own. Medical images and their associated reports are no exception....

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  • Upload CDs and Outside Exams

    Upload CDs and Outside Exams

    In head to head competitions at customer sites, our upload process was found to be 50% faster than one of...

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