Advanced Cardiac MR Solutions whenever you need them.
From anatomical arrangements of cine images to auto calculating LV and RV Volumes, Precession can display results as you view the images and populate report fields to help maximize efficiency and streamline your workflow. Ejection Fraction and other measurements aid in accurately interpreting complicated examinations quickly. Volumes/Mass
The Precession CMR Reporting Solution provides detailed structured reports designed to streamline the efficiency of reading CMR imaging procedures. All fields within the report can be mined for research.
Report Screenshot
Access and Distribution have never been easier. With automated email notifications, Precession can deliver images and reports to referring physicians, solidifying relationships throughout your entire medical community.
Now de-identified data and reports can be transmitted to a publicly accessible location in the cloud. Firewalls and IT departments will not impede on communicating or collaborating with other professionals. Click here to learn more about CloudCMR