After receiving the highest overall performance score for Cardiovascular PACS systems in a recent industry report*, Heart Imaging Technologies is proud to announce a newer, better version of WebPAX. Version 7 takes medical imaging to the next level by providing incredible flexibility for integrating medical images stored on PACS into EMR systems. Using a simple web URL, physicians can click on imaging procedures within an EMR and view the associated images in a standard web browser. Having direct access to medical images within an EMR helps improve efficiency and overall patient care.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Traditionally, PACS and EMR systems have been separate, and all too often there are no links between a patient’s medical records stored within an EMR, and a patient’s medical imaging procedures stored on PACS. WebPAX Version 7 has the capability to bridge this gap.

“The intent of Version 7 is not only to allow organizations to consolidate multiple PACS into a single system which obviously helps to reduce overall operating costs, but Version 7 also provides an easy method for EMR systems to provide medical image viewing capabilities regardless of DICOM modality or specialty” said Brent Reed, MBA, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “Direct access from EMR systems to medical images stored on PACS is mission critical, as this is the only way for physicians to understand and obtain a complete patient record. The WebPAX accomplishes this by integrating into external EMR systems via a simple web URL. Now physicians can gain access to the entire patient record from a single location, through a single interface without having to install additional software or view multiple workstations.”

“Version 7 includes a web 2.0 rich feature set, allowing users to dynamically interact with medical images in a client-free, standard web browser. We’ve incorporated feature requests from different imaging departments around the world to make this a complete solution for all of the imaging modalities,” said Clint Kawasaki, Director of Software Development. “Without having to use Flash, Java, Active-X or other browser plug-ins, Version 7 exemplifies the use of state-of-the-art web technology to improve upon an already strong, client-free PACS.”

“The leading performance score that WebPAX received in the June 2010 survery results1 was based on physicians reviews who were using our old software.”, said Chad Johnson, Ph.D., Head of WebPAX’s Quality Control Unit. “WebPAX Version 7 is even better, with more integration features, improved communication functions, and enhanced referring physician capabilities. The client-free, zero foot-print aspects of WebPAX Version 7 are key to providing healthcare organizations with the ability to integrate PACS and EMRs.” distributed on August 31, 2010